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How · many · vegans · does · it · take · to · change · a · lightbulb?


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On January 29th, 2010 07:04 pm (UTC), slim_ivory_rose commented:
Dear PoisonOak,

I saw you are the moderator of ready made vegan,
I wonder if you will allow me to be cheeky and either:
1) allow me to advertise my community in yours
2) link my community on your community's profile page (and I will do the same for you)
3) consider joining yourself?


My html isn't working right now but here it is:

There is one other add me veg community which is very sleepy so I wanted to create one that is active, where fellow veg*ns can meet each other, it is an 'add me' style set up.
I would consider it a great favour if you did join, just having it on your profile page would spread the word.

Well, thanks for reading!

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